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YOM CHI TaeKwon-Do Camp - New Mexico style!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

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All ranks

All ranks of TaeKwon-Do

were represented at this camp.

From IX dan to 10th gup.

I have often tried to explain to students how different YOM CHI TaeKwon-Do camp is from what they do every week in their home class. To those that have not gone, their usual reply is, "You just have more classes." Well, yes and no.

In the normally alloted class time (1 to 1/12 hours) you try to fit in warm ups, line drills, patterns, step sparring, self defense, sparring, and then a couple minutes for any other aspect the instructor works on, and then announcements.  The ability to focus in depth on any one subject is impossible. If you don't follow this pattern, an instructor runs the risk of missing any aspect of TaeKwon-Do for months. But given the larger amount of time at camp, you can not only spend an entire class on one subject, but many times this hour and a half is broken down into instruction at the individual rank level. This is why we tell students that in one week of camp they will gain more information than three months of their regular class.

Some of the differences of camp are that at camp you can work with more (and new) people of your own rank. Giving you the ablility to compare and gain new insights from someone going through the same experiences you are.

Women Black Belts

Youngest Camper

  Color belt women had the ability to work out with female black belts of all rank up to V dan! 9th Gup with 9th Dan. The youngest camper!

Red Belts

Jedi Training

CPR Course

Red Belts worked out all week with a Grandmaster

After working with a Grandmaster begins the Jedi training

C.P.R. course with Mr. Bridges

Why is this important? As any instructor can tell you it is important for you to see where you are going and where you have been. Sometimes in a regular class you will have a period of time where there are no new white belts. The effect is that there will be a rank-hole in class for the next several years. Thus leaving some students without the next rank to look up to, and upper ranks no one below them to share their experience with. It is imperative that students get the opportunity to share their knowledge with those above and below them to reinforce their learning. When you have a camp with every rank, it allows some students to work out in an atmosphere they may be missing.

Jump Kick Contest Sparring with seniors Conjoined free sparring
Pool jump kicking contest Sparring your seniors Conjoined free sparring
These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg of the amount of information passed on. (Moral culture classes, weapons defense, verbal Judo, TKD obstacle course, Black belt testing, pool TKD classes, multiple free sparring, multiple step sparring, patterns, kicking, meditation... just to name a few.) Truly the aim is moral culture. And though there were mistakes made at every level and rank, YOM CHI prevailed.  I would like to personaly thank Master Blakeley, the Chacon's, all the instructors and students for fulfilling the one item on this Camps flyer that you usually never see on any TaeKwon-Do event flyer: "FUN".
Hungry Hippo Beginners Fun
Hungry Hippo What it's all about FUN


Master Douglas Arnold, VIII

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