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What do Grand Masters do?

Friday, May 22, 2015

There are certain questions that have always amused me:

I have talked to students after they have been promoted to 7th Dan, and after having achieved this incredible milestone, they have said, "I wonder what I should do now?"

I had a student leave a small TaeKwon-Do organization and a friend of his asked him, "What will you teach now?"

Or, when people ask, "What do Grand Masters do?"

It's easy. They teach TaeKwon-Do!

Just this last weekend, Grand Master Lang traveled from New Mexico to Denver to: work with students; go to Master Strouse's tournament in Rifle; and attend the promotion of Mr. Ito from Boulder TaeKwon-Do to Master.

YOM CHI would like to congratulate Master Pologe for becoming a Master's Master. We would also like to congratulate Master Ito on this great milestone in his life. He is the first Master from Boulder TaeKwon-Do.

These are just a few examples of what Masters do. They teach TaeKwon-Do!


Master Douglas Arnold, VIII

To see a larger version of the promotion ceremony picture: click here

A copy of the occasions flyer: click here





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