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Jerry Treich with Grand Master Lang

Grand Master Walter Lang is the head of TaeKwon-Do for the YOM CHI TaeKwon-Do Association®

Grand Master Walter L. Lang, started training in Taekwon-Do in 1966 at the University of Colorado. Four years later, in 1970, Master Lang became the first student promoted to black belt at the University of Colorado Taekwon-Do Club. (A-1-114, 9/12/70) Soon afterward Master Lang left for Vietnam, and spent the next two years aboard the USS Haleakala, where he started a Taekwon-Do class. After returning to Denver in 1972 he was introduced to Grandmaster Choi, Hong Hi, and was tested to 2nd Dan. (A-2-56, 6/7/72)

For the next 13 years Master lang remained in Colorado. Taking over the Colorado University Taekwon-Do Club and building it to the largest in Colorado, with over 300 students enrolled. Also during this time Master Lang instructed classes at the Denver Y.M.C.A. and the University of Denver, testing for 3rd Dan (A-3-44, 2/9/76) and 4th Dan (A-4-38, 4/26/80).

In December 1984, Master Lang tested for 5th Dan (A-5-22, 5/8/84), soon afterwards his job moved him to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1990 he tested for 6th Dan (A-6-15, 6/22/90), on December 2, 1995 he tested for 7th Dan (A-7-10), becoming the first black belt to make master under Grandermaster C. E. Sereff.

Master Lang has held offices in both I.T.F. and U.S.T.F. and was the U.S.A. World Team coach in 1988. Master Lang currently conducts monthly black belt classes in Albuquerque and travels for the YOM CHI Taekwon-Do Association conducting tests, semianrs, and camps in a seven state ares. Master Lang has promoted hundreds of black belts and currently has two students who are Masters.

Combined summer class
University of Colorado TaeKwon-Do
circa 1984

Back Row:Casey Stone, Court Hammond, Kevin Andresen, Master Douglas Arnold, Master Rob Tobin
Middle Row:Bob Shaw, Chris Meloni, Barb Ingram, Jim Hare, Allan Robie, Ken Dittmer, Stephen Fowler, Brian Briggs
Front Row:Mark Liberman, John ?, Grand Master Walter Lang, Missey Wiedman, Tim Cornelius

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1st  Moo Duk Kwan 1st
3rd Training Certificate
4th Training Certificate
6th A Umpire
9th Chang Hon 9th


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